전후자동평면 프레스Semi-Automatic Platen Die-Cutting


  • 인버터 모터 장치로기계작업속도 조절용이함
  • LCD 필름 및시트류 정밀가공
  • 평면(조시)가 필요없다.
  • 완칼.반칼 작업이 용이 하다.평면도99%.
  • 네축구동,캠방식이 정밀하다.
  • (목형)교체가 단축된다.
  • 기계작동소음이 정교하다.
  • 남.녀.노소숙련공이 필요없다.
  • 기계작업의 일정거리 유지,안전사고 방지
  • PP/PET/PVC/LCD필름/터치스크린필름/전자제품
  • 데칼/종이/퍼즐/스폰지/바닥재/우레탄/고무자석판/기타
  • ※ 특수기계 : 특수롤 평판 프래스, 열평판 프레스

Inverter Motor makes no printing deviation.

  • Excellent die-cutting effect is possible with strong powers.
  • Internally-driven devices are operated by four arms, which make moving horizontally such as left/right and back/forth easy.
  • There's low mechanic noise and no need for skilled mechanic.
  • Safety device attached.
  • Adjusting half and full cutting is simple.
  • With99%flat rate.productis suited for both full and half cut

USE FOR / 용도

  • Electronics and semiconductor, LCD and original tape, circuit plate, decal, leather, veneer board, urethane, rubber, puzzle, floor materials, carpet, P.P/P.V.C film, prints, corrugated cardboard, sponge etc.
  • ※ Special machine : Special roll platen press, Heat platen press